M-commerce is an explosive growth market. Especially thanks to the success of native apps!

The smartphone is advancing. Mobile shopping via apps is booming. The figures speak for themselves. Within three years, 80% of online shoppers will make (part of their) purchases via their smartphone. Native apps offer a fast and reliable mobile experience. They are already a must-have for consumers. And therefore also for the retailer!

US investment bank, Goldman Sachs, has calculated that sales via smartphones and tablets will more than triple between 2014 and 2018! And the share of apps continues to grow in the overall m-commerce market. Add the high conversion and it is clear why so many retailers are choosing their own shopping-app.

  • Within three years, 80% of online shoppers will carry out (part of their) purchases via their smartphone.
  • It is expected that in 2018 m-commerce will account for almost more than half of all e-commerce.
  • Smartphone owners spend 62% of their digital time on their mobile phones, 71% of that time is spent on apps.
  • A mobile app has a 30% higher conversion than a mobile website.
  • Mobile is fast becoming the most important screen. In 2016, it is expected that more than 3 billion euros will be spent on tablets and smartphones in the Netherlands, compared to less than a billion last year.

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