Mobile Commerce in figures

  • A mobile app has a 30% higher conversion than a mobile website.
  • More and more mobile devices are being sold worldwide. Mobile apps have become a must-have for consumers. Providing a fast and reliable mobile experience is a must for the online retailer.
  • It is expected that in 2018 m-commerce will account for almost more than half of all e-commerce.
  • It is expected that within three years, 80% of online shoppers will make (part of their) purchases via their smartphone.
  • Smartphones and data packages are becoming cheaper. In 2020, it is estimated that 6.2 billion smartphones will be in use.
  • M-commerce is an explosive growth market and the UK is after the US, the fastest growing m-commerce market. Almost two thirds of all consumers owe a smartphone. UK retail ecommerce sales are expected to top £60 billion in 2015, helped by impressive growth in smartphone-based buying. Retail m-commerce is expected to grow by 37.5% in 2015 — a rate more than double that for retail ecommerce sales as a whole.
  • Mobile shopping is becoming increasingly popular. In 2016, 34% of users expect to make online purchases mainly via their smartphone.
  • 78% of mobile shoppers are influenced in their purchasing by social media.
Mobile's share of UK digital commerce will leap to 33.3% this year. Following a remarkable 70.8% year-over-year growth in 2014, UK retail m-commerce sales will top £20.09 billion, accounting for a third of total retail ecommerce sales. By 2019, retail mcommerce sales will near £40 billion, representing 43.7% of total retail ecommerce.
Mobile shopping has increased over the past two years by 46% and 49%. In 2016, the value of the m-commerce industry comes to over 3 billion euros. The more reason to extend your webshop with an app as an additional sales channel.

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