How does it work?

How do you get your own shopping app?

Your online mobile webshop in three steps. Quick and simple!

1. Apply

You have a webshop and want to increase the conversion of mobile visitors. You apply through your shop-provider or get in touch with us.

2. Put us to work

You send us your company’s logo, general information and the desired settings. Next, we go to work for you. We build the app using your corporate identity and link it directly to Lightspeed or Magento. The app takes over the products from the back-office automatically, so you have nothing to worry about there either.

3. Launch

After approximately one week, the app is ready. We register it for you at the Apple App Store and Google Play. At Apple, the app is usually visible within a week; at Google Play, after only one day. You receive a message immediately once the app is published. From that moment on, existing and new customers can download the app for free – and mobile shopping can commence!

Want to get more out of the app?

Send us your Google-mailadres. We will then register you with Google Analytics, which will allow you to follow the number of new app-users, the screens viewed and the orders placed. Lots of invaluable information for your marketing!


What is the difference between a mobile website and an app?

A mobile website can be used on both laptops and PCs as well as on smartphones and tablets. For that, you use a browser. Such a responsive website adapts to different screen sizes automatically. A native app works differently. You search for it in the Apple App Store or Google Play and download it on your smartphone or tablet. The app is made specifically for mobile devices. People find apps fast and easy to use. That is because apps take full advantage of the mobile device’s capabilities.

Smartphone owners spend 62% of their digital time on their mobile phones, 71% of that time is spent on apps.
85% of consumers prefer using an app than a mobile website, because apps are faster and easier to use.

Advantages of an app over a mobile website

  • Specially designed for mobile devices, therefore friendlier to use.
  • A mobile app has a 30% higher conversion than a mobile website.
  • More customer loyalty and more sales. App-users revisit more often than site-users. Understandable, because the app remains in clear view on the smartphone.
  • Apps load faster than websites. Therefore, smooth browsing, ordering and payment.
  • You have a new, rock-solid sales channel at your disposal that responds to mobile trends. Good for your sales and your image.
  • Attention for your brand in the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Apps are the future; they are receiving increasing influence on Google’s search results.

What if you already have a mobile site?

It’s fine if you already have a mobile site: you meet the needs of the mobile user. With a native app, you are adding an important service. A service that makes things even easier for your customer. And that provides you as retailer, more sales and loyalty. Retail anno 2016, requires an omni-channel approach, where shoppers can switch from one channel to another effortlessly, while the brand experience remains the same. A native app is an indispensable link hereby.

Secure payments

Is it safe to pay with the app? Yes, in principle it is even safer than using a website. Namely, tablets and smartphones are much less susceptible to computer viruses. Although not everyone is open to it as yet, the acceptance of mobile payments is growing rapidly.

Already 47% of smartphone users prefer shopping via an app, only 27% prefer to do so via a website.

Why do people like to shop with an app? Because the payment process is convenient and fast. Because they can be reminded of discounts and special deals. Because they receive a digital invoice and payment confirmation directly (useful if they want to return or exchange a product). And because they don’t have to carry a heavy wallet around with them.

Mobile payment is the future!

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