What our shopping app does?

Take a look at an overview our features:

  • Pocketshop maakt shopping-apps voor Lightspeed

Login with you webshop-account

You log into the app with your Lightspeed or Magento account. This allows the customer and payment data to be retrieved automatically. Convenient, fast and clear.

Push notifications

Send push notifications to the smart phone of your customers to announce a sale or the arrival of new products. Your clients will be always up-to-date of the latest news and you will realise a peak in the amount of visitors in the shopping app.

Push notifications are a highly effective marketing tool and available on iOS and Android!

Works on Android and Apple's iOS

The app works on all phones that have an Android or Apple’s iOS operating system. Indeed: the app has been specially made for that. Because it can use all of the functions of the phone, the customer has a superb user experience.
Much more enjoyable than on a mobile website.

The features of PocketShop apps

Offer your customers a better shopping experience with these functions:

Product categories and variants

Have you carefully added product categories and variants (size, colour, etc.) to your webshop? The app automatically takes these options over from the back-office. So you only have the work once, but twice the benefit.

Multi-lingual app

The app is a small language-miracle-worker. It works in Dutch, German and English. The app automatically selects the appropriate language. If the mobile is set to a language other than Dutch or German, then the text appears in English. Would you like other languages added? They are readily available. Just let us know.

Free updates

The world of mobile technology is changing rapidly. For the small business developer, it is hard to keep up with these developments. So we do that for you. The result? Always free updates for your app, even safer and with the latest features./p>

Shopping cart remains stored

The app remembers what a customer has placed in their shopping cart. That way you make it easy for them to still buy the chosen product at a later time. This is not only convenient for the customer; it also provides additional revenue.

Extensive search, sort and filter functions

Thanks to extensive search functions, customers can find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. Product filters help narrow the search. Thus providing your customers with a pleasant shopping experience. Moreover: the easier the customer finds what they are looking for, the greater the chance of a purchase.

Product recommendations

Is the customer’s shopping cart still empty? Are they searching for an unknown item? Then this is an excellent opportunity to bring your favourite items to their attention. You can set the product recommendations that appear on the screen yourself.

Streamlined checkout

The smoother you lead a customer through the payment process, the more likely they leave your store with a purchase. The app automatically records the paymentproviders of your website (PayPal, credit card, etc.) and facilitates a carefree payment. With clear instructions, few transactions and specified invoices.

Including hosting and helpdesk

Do you have a question about the design of the app? The need of technical support? Then our helpdesk is waiting for you. Moreover, you pay no hosting costs. To minimize the burden on the retailer, that is our goal.

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