How to make your app work for your webshop?

Our shopping apps come with handy built-in tools

A shopping app is simply a new sales channel that allows you to improve your services. It offers the following benefits to the user: time-saving, convenience and comfort. Mobile shoppers are goal-oriented. They have high expectations and want a supreme user experience, especially concerning speed and navigation. PocketShop provide for all of this.

Using your logos, PocketShop builds the app in the same style and ambiance as your webshop. This way, consumers can switch smoothly from the online channel to the mobile webshop, while the brand experience remains the same.

Zoom in on products

The app displays several large pictures of each product, which the customer can zoom in on to the maximum screen size. In this way every detail is visible. A friendly and professional service to your customer.

Promotion and video tips

A product recommendation from a customer? A user guide? Introduce yourself and your staff? Videos are great for this. The PocketShop-app takes the videos from your back-office automatically.

As online retailer you can:

  • Adjust the size and content of the promotional banner on the homepage. You decide the look and feel and which products you want to promote.
  • Adjust the information on the store. Contact data, terms of delivery, FAQs, etc.
  • Set and send push notifications. Alert customers to discounts, recommend using the app again, etc.

Discounts and loyalty points

Do you have a good sale? Then the app directly displays the discount to the customer. Or you let them enter a discount code at the checkout. With a loyalty points system, you make a regular customer of a fortuitous passer-by.

Share products on social media

Of course you can say yourself that your good products sell. But if others do it, it has much more impact. Thanks to convenient buttons, your customer can share their favourite products on social media with a tap of their finger. That is rock-solid promotion!

Don’t have a shopping app?

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