About PocketShop

Native shopping made accessible for SMEs. That is what we at PocketShop stand for.

How do we do that? By building apps for online retailers.

With the best functions and the best user experience. And all that for an affordable price.

Mobile is fast becoming the most important screen. M-commerce is therefore an explosive growth market. In 2016, it is expected that more than 3 billion euros will be spent on tablets and smartphones in the Netherlands, compared to less than a billion last year. At PocketShop, we have a passion for mobile and m-commerce. Mobile developments are rapid, surprising and challenging. Our mission is to follow these trends and ensure that innovations are accessible to SMEs. We provide retailers with a rock-solid online sales channel, so that they can benefit from this trend.

PocketShop has been developed by Pinch, experienced app designers with an office in the heart of Amsterdam. Since 2011, Pinch has been building custom-made apps for businesses. Thanks to the innovative apps, the brands, publishers and advertising agencies for which they work, are ready for the next step in mobile.

As an SME, are you ready to take a new step? Then PocketShop is the solution. You can create a carefree mobile sales channel in three simple steps. With more loyalty! And more sales!